Welcome to the blog & other news!

Welcome to my blog! I've started this as a creative outlet to talk about everything fly fishing, and to keep you up to date with fly fishing in my part of the world (aka, paradise). I hope you will find it useful and entertaining! I think there is still an important place for forums and blogs etc, as much of this information can not as easily be talked about via popular media such as Facebook or Instagram.

Well with the cooler winter weather upon us in the deep south, I am currently taking the opportunity to tie up all next seasons flies, and fill as many gaps in my boxes as I can! My boxes are usually organized into nymphs, dries, small stuff (16s/18s nymphs, aerodrys, emergers grubs etc), streamers, bait fish patterns, and still water, or that's how they start at the beginning of the season...

My current philosophy for tying effective NZ flies, are quick, impressionistic (prey image theory - Bob Wyatt), and fish catching! The rest is up to us on the water to get them into the zone.

My most successful nymph over the course of the season is a very basic mayfly imitation. Starting with a strong wire hook like a Kamasan b175 and black tungsten bead to suit. Pheasant tail tail, thread body with a taper to it, and rough dubbed thorax. No wire rib, no legs, and no wing case. Colours, sizes and weights to match accordingly! Easily a ‘2 minute tie’ that I have the utmost confidence in. I have photographed some flies, and pages in my boxes to give you an idea of what we are using down here in the deep South, and to hopefully give you some inspiration for your own tying, especially if you are planning a trip to New Zealand, and why wouldn't you be!?

Lots of anglers don’t tie flies, I think it adds a valuable dimension to your fishing! Once you have the basic techniques sorted, and understand fly proportions you can basically tie up anything, and it's fun! It also teaches you about bugs and insects, and you can make your flies specific to the waters you fish - this can only improve your angling!

Another winter job that is getting done is doing some preventative maintenance on the guiding truck. Perhaps the most important part - the breaks, have just had a complete overhaul with all new parts. Rest assured it will be in tip top shape for our adventures by the start of the season.

I've also had some fishing in myself! Firstly up to the Central South Island area with the lads from the Otago Anglers Association where we had fun on the lakes and stream mouths, and even managed to catch some salmon on the fly rods thanks to a recent release into the canal system. Ive also been keeping a close eye on the lower Clutha River, and will do right throughout the winter season - it is a superb fishery.. A brightly coloured streamer and 8lb nylon produced a nice lot of smaller fighting fit rainbows. Due to power generation upstream, the river can rise or fall several hundred cumecs over the course of the day - the 4WD track I drove in on in the morning was underwater when we left the river at 4pm!

Click on the photos for a description, I have also included a short clip from a back country wilderness mission last season.. Enjoy.